nEXT – The New Experience in Turbopumps

July 2nd, 2012 | Comments (0)

Edwards, a world leader in vacuum technology, is proud to present the nEXT generation of turbopump.

Built on over two decades of experience based on our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges, nEXT sets the new benchmark for scientific turbopumps. nEXT offers you the best turbopump for performance, reliability and end user serviceablity.

nEXT has been designed to combine all the latest technological advances in turbomolecular pumps with end-user serviceability, delivering a truly class leading product.

Pump sizes available offering true 240, 300 and 400 litres per second pumping speed performance (N2).

  • State-of-the-art rotor design to deliver exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios
  • Field proven reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Standard fit in many of the leading scientific instruments with over 100,000 turbopumps installed
  • Fully end user serviceable in minimum time without complex tooling or major disassembly… you can do it

Click here to request your nEXT product brochure today or to get in touch with one of our technical specialists regarding your application.

Exceptional Performance | Field Proven Reliability | End-user Serviceability

At Edwards we understand the need for our vacuum pumps to deliver exceptional performance for our customers, in some of the most demanding applications. With this in mind we have developed the nEXT technology to maximise performance and deliver a new experience in turbopump.

Conventional turbopump rotors are designed to deliver either high speed or high compression. To eliminate this compromise the blade arrangements on the nEXT rotor have been totally re-designed to optimise pump performance and achieve both higher speeds and higher compression.

The end result is an exceptional class leading performance for a pump of its size.

Edwards nEXT, the new experience in turbopumps!

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